Thursday, July 9, 2015

Do you know CCTV camera, IP camera are different & why?

Keeping the home or business totally shielded from wrongdoing or different suspicious movement is an exceptionally hard thing to do. Innovation has conveyed us to a superior position now. Each security framework has a wide range of elements, for example, now we can catch pictures from up to 100 feet or can capture 720p quality videos continuously. CCTV cameras in Bangladesh is very common now and they make a quality security framework.Most of us known with two words CCTV camera and IP camera. Unfortunately,we consider them as the same. But they are totally different from each other in technology though both output is same. Today we are going to know about the differences of CCTV camera and IP camera.

·         IP cameras work within local LAN network and can be connected with internet that enables world wide access. CCTV system work on their own system and work within its wire based network.

·         IP cameras have things like IP address and you can login using a computer by typing in their IP address directly in web browser. CCTV cameras don’t have any unique address like IP, they are being connected to a DVR (digital video recorder). But Some DVR are designed to have a real IP address. So, only then your CCTV cameras will be connected to the World wide network. Remember, you must need a real IP address in this case.

A single Ip camera can be accessed directly from anywhere of the world without any help of NVR or DVR. But in case of CCTV you must need a network enable DVR to do.

·         Resolution is a basic distinction between these two. In themarket, you will get IP cameras of about 3 megapixels. CCTV cameras are analogous and they are of TVL technology.

·         Installing an IP video surveillance camera system is very easy. After you set up an IP address, you are ready(in case of WIFI) but in general it is needed internet cable with RJ 45 connector , now a days  POE (power over Ethernet ) based IP camera available, no need extra hassle of power adapter  . CCTV cameras you must need a wired network and separate power adapter to transfer data to DVR.

·         But still today CCTV camera cheaper and its picture quality better than mid-level IP cameras
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